Window roller shutters are an ingenious solution for both thermal protection, sound and sunlight protection.

The outer rollers are made entirely of aluminum, and the blades are filled with polyurethane to achieve better thermal and sound insulation with a minimum width of 39 mm.

Aluminum outer rollers can have a built-in insect board and the following accessories can be purchased: latches, self locking bolts, yoke, motor with a breaker or remote control, wind and crank sensors, and also can be linked to a smart home system.

Aluminum outer rollers fall into three categories:

Apply roller blinds – mounting on the existing joinery whether it be of PVC, wood or aluminum, or can be mounted in the outer slats, spaced from the window. Both versions are recommended for use according to your home.

Rolled overlays -The Roller Surface is mounted exclusively on the reel, the cassette being fixed above the carpentry. In addition, for better insulation, the inner box is covered with extruded polystyrene.

Roller shutters – Coating rolls that they’re square-shaped box can be plastered, covered to be hidden from the front of the façade. The box is made of aluminum and access will only be from the the lower part.

After the roller assembling, our clients told us that in the winter the gas bill or maintenance has dropped considerably, and during the summer some people have not used air conditioning anymore, which is a great benefit, especially for people who have small children.