DAKO Company started in 2005, with a full Romanian capital, which finally became a concept – the DAKO Window – for all those who appreciate the quality of our products and services.


Having as main activity the production and installation of PVC and Aluminum joinery with thermal insulating glass, DAKO aims to be the first choice of its customers, having high standards in terms of quality of products and services offered, based on the vast experience and passion for perfection.



DAKO is constantly developing:

With more than 20 employees who care to perform the finished product as well as to provide impeccable execution and assembly services, DAKO aims to become a prestigious brand in PVC joinery.

From the desire to meet the most demanding requirements, the company invests in high quality machines and employs only trust worthy people which it prepares to become the best in the field.

In order to become the best on the PVC carpentry sales market and at the same time to meet the growing demands of Romania and abroad, this year important steps were taken in expanding the production area by starting the construction works at the new hall.

Business history:

It all began in 2005 with the production of PVC DAKO windows with only 3 employees in a rented space.

At the beginning of 2007, the first DAKO showroom opens in Buzau, at the Unirii Sud Bl. E3 floor – Showroom that is open today.

In May 2007, the production capacity was increased by purchasing machines and a second car for window traffic and increased production space, renting another hall for a better development of the business.

The year 2008 comes with many investments for the time:

  • 100,000 euro production equipment is purchased, thus doubling the production capacity;

  • Purchase of a land for the construction of a production hall at European standards;

  • Due to the high demand this year, a third crew is being formed for which a third car is purchased;

  • We open a second showroom in the Dorobanti, in Buzau.

Year 2009, a year of “crisis”:

  • A new production hall with a surface of 400 m² is built at European standards that fully respect the technological process of production;

  • in August we move with all the production in the new center where the administrative offices are;

  • an important step was the signing of the collaboration agreement with VEKA ROMANIA, which is a strategic success partner for our society;

We start 2010 with a 40% increase in turnover, which reinforces our position as the leading manufacturer of insulating joinery on the Buzau market, which is why we decide to extend the area of activity to other counties, Prahova and Dambovita.

2010-2012 we open another 3 showrooms Buzau (center), Ploiesti and Targoviste and we start promotional campaigns on this area, campaigns that start that begin to record successes;

2012-2013 we continue selling B to C and start developing B to B collaborations both in the country and abroad;

In 2014 we participated in the Fensterbau Frontale profile fair in Germany, where we studied the new international trends. Due to the growing demand on the export market, we decide to focus on the European market through new partnerships (Italy);

2015 we consider the expansion of the working capacity by purchasing a new land with an area of ​​3000 m² for the construction of new production halls;

2015-2016 continue the collaboration and signing of new contracts – France and Italy, also signing important contracts on aluminum joinery and ventilated facades;

2017 we begin all the procedures for building new production halls with a total area of ​​more than 1500 m².

2018 year of change we move to a new stage of business.

This year will mark the beginning of the distinction between PVC and aluminum production – everything will be done in separate halls with separate staff.

Therefore we will double the production in order to complete as many demands as our customers needs, because we believe perfection is in our passion.